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5011 Midland Fosterville Rd

5011 Midland-Fosterville Rd, Bell Buckle TN 37020 is a 1800 SF, zoned 3BR/2BA home with a bonus room and a 2 car garage. It is located in the Sanders Ridge subdivision between Murfreesboro and Shelbyville and is 12-15 miles from both. It has an open floor plan with high ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and new carpet.
You can take a video tour at
Rent -To-Own this home for $1,750/month with a $8,000 down payment.  For more information about the house or how the Rent-To-Own program works go to .
This home is locally owned and managed and you will deal directly with Scott Young, the owner. Don't get scammed.

H ow the Rent-To-Own Program works:
Our Rent To Own program is geared to those who are serious about wanting to own their home but just need a little time to get their financial ducks in a row. Our program lets you enjoy the perks of home ownership while rebuilding your credit or resolving problems that would prohibit you from buying a home otherwise. The main advantages of buying a home through our Rent-To-Own plan are:
 1. You are guaranteed and locked into a sales price on the front end of your option. You know from the beginning what the sales price will be at the end of the purchase option and you don't have to worry about the price changing and going up. 
2. You will receive the appreciation gained by rising property values during your option term. 
3.Not only will you receive the benefits of rising property values, but you will also be earning equity every month from the monthly equity credit, usually it's $100/month. 
4. You don't have to hassle with property taxes or house insurance during the option term. 
5.There are many other non-monetary advantages such having a place to call home and establishing roots. 
6. You won't have to move every year or 2 because your lease is up.  I hate to move.

The lease/purchase term is normally for 2 years because that seems to work best for most people. The lease/purchase option guarantees the purchase price any time during the term of the lease/purchase agreement. You will receive a $100/month credit for every month during the option term that will be applied back toward the purchase price when you purchase your home. There is a down payment required upon move-in, usually between $6,000 and $12,000, depending upon the house. This down payment will also be credited back toward the purchase price of the house when you purchase it. At the end of the lease/option term, you will have automatically have built up a down payment equal to your down payment plus the $100 monthly accrual.
 For Example: If your monthly rent is $1,500 with a 2 year lease/purchase agreement and you put $8,000 down, at the end of the 2 years you will have a down payment of $10,400 $8,000+ $2,400 ($100/month X 24 months)


11232 Ditch Rd, Rockvale


    5 acres - 1900 SF-3BR/2BA

11232 Ditch Rd,  Rockvale TN is a freshly rehabbed, 1900 SF, 3Br/2Ba home on 5 private acres located in Rockvale, in- between Murfreesboro and Eagleville and about 12 miles from I-24. It is currently zoned for the Eagleville schools. It has a brand new electric HVAC unit, 

all new electric appliances, new kitchen cabinets, and new flooring throughout. It has a detached workshop ideal for a small business and has plenty of room for vehicles and farm equipment. The land is fenced and would be good for goats and other small farm animals. It is available for sale through our Rent-To-Own program. Rent is 1650 per month. The sales price is $325,000 and there is a $15,000 down payment. To you see the work in progress video go to

 For more information or to schedule a showing call Scott at (615)578-6125.

 There is a $50 application fee. The main things I look for on the application are:
1. Household income needs to be approximately 3X the monthly rent.
2   I check your rental history. It doesn't have to be perfect but it needs to show a consistent history of paying your rent in full and on time.
3.  I check for any evictions
4. I check your overall credit history. Again it does not have to be perfect but I require a minimum score of 550. I don't care about medical bills, school loans, or even foreclosures. What I do look for are things that affect your everyday life such as utility bills, car notes, cell phone bills, fast cash loans, etc... I am looking for somebody that has a history of paying the rent and taking care of your home.


3138 Old Salem

3138 Old Salem Rd, Murfreesboro is a unique 3800 SF, 4BR/2.5BA home was built in 1900 and is in good shape considering it is approx. 80% original. It is on 5 fenced acres with large trees located  west of town just outside the Murfreesboro city limits very near the Hwy 99/Veterans Prky intersection. This home is on city water but there is a well on the property for animals. It is less than 5 minutes from the new Salem Elementary school, the new Rockvale High School, the new St Thomas Medical facility, and much more to come based on the growth this area has experienced since the building of the new schools. It has most of the original flooring, fireplaces, working pocket doors, windows, doors, trim etc. The kitchen has been more recently added and the master bath and bathrooms are more modern and updated. Gas is at the property but the HVAC units are electric and are operating well. If you looking for a new construction type house this is probably not for you. This house is very livable and can be habituated during restoration as it will need time, effort, and money to restore it back to a show place.
To see the video go to
For Sale for $387,500 with no commissions.

Call Scott at 615.578.6125  for more information or to schedule a time to see it.